just saw a gamefaqs thread that said “I cant beat ch 5 derosso” but read it as “I cant beat off derosso” IM GOING TO BED

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He certainly could have had a fiance, after all his was born into an aristocratic family. But the fact that he became a clergyman seems to null that, as clergy can’t marry. Either that or they respectfully backed out.

true i forgot about that!

i’m becoming really forgetful of stuff now aha ;;

maybe it’s because of my apathy for religion that i forgot

(Layin down some religious knowledge on y’all) An extension of my comment on your DeRosso marriage theory. That is to assume that the Adventists and Orthodoxy are based off Catholocism. (I’m assuming so because they had a pope) However, in the Orthodox Christian church, it is possible to marry before becoming clergy if you declare your intend to do so before being appointed to priesthood. So all in all, it may very well be a huge possibility.

well there’s only one way to know for certain

they should make a bd game that centers entirely on derosso

like more on his backstory (even more in depth than the exposition dump he gave in the original because hey i’m interested)

i’d buy 20 copies

"airy’s so adorable i love her!!"


Do you think DeRosso was ever intended to br a widower? Because some art has him with a ring on hand. (though the wrong hand and finger) but they dropped it because that would push over the sadness threshold? Or im overanalyzing

hm he’s probably just wearing them to be a baller haha

no but i’d be lying if i said the possibility of derosso being (formerly) married hasn’t crossed my mind!

or at the very least, there’s more to his immediate family than his parents, considering the caption for the first painting that calls him the eldest son


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This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we should all invest in church camp.

if i ever neglect to reblog this assume i’m dead

knock out

phone rings 3 am

u say derosso

im on the way


All of Joseph’s English in Volume 21


No man should have all that



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